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第27回ミーティング報告書 2016年10月27日 (The 27th Meeting Report October 27, 2016)






This time, Director Junya Haruna (Attorney-at-law at Nagoya Central Law Office) delivered a lecturer and exchanged opinions on the theme of cultural differences between Japan and ASEAN countries.

Regarding the theme of “Do you think it is unavoidable that you will not have time with your family because of work?”, many Japanese members prioritize work over family (but this is also the trend for young people these days).

On the other hand, there were many opinions from ASEAN international students that they prioritize their families, such as overtime is not common, and work means providing a better life for family.

There is an opinion that various companies such as authoritarian types can be seen in Japan. From ASEAN International students, while there are countries with a top-down trend that “what the upper person said is absolute”, there are also countries that require a consensus that “listen to the opinions from the bottom.”

Regarding the theme of “Do you think it is better not to give opinions that deviate from the overall flow at the meeting?”, Japanese members said, “There are few companies in Japan that can really give their opinions freely.” ASEAN international students also have something in common that values cooperation and harmony, such as rooting and not disturbing harmony as in Japan (Indonesia), and emphasizing harmony because the population is very small (Laos). Found.

In this theme, we were able to understand the commonality that both Japan and ASEAN value cooperation, while highlighting the awareness toward work unique to Japan.