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第30回定例ミーティング報告書 2017年1月26日 (Report of the 30th Regular Meeting January 26, 2017)

今回は、名古屋大学経済学部同窓会 一般社団法人キタン会常務理事・事務局長の山村哲朗様を講師としてお招きし、『走れメロス(著:太宰治)』を題材としてご講演と意見交換を行いました。『走れメロス』は日本人ならば多くの人が知っている作品であり、友との友情や人を信頼することがテーマとなっています。












This time, we invited Mr. Tetsuro Yamamura, Managing Director and Secretary-General of the Kitankai Alumni Association, Faculty of Economics, Nagoya University, as a lecturer to give a lecture and exchange opinions on “Run, Melos! (Author: Osamu Dazai)”. Run, Melos!” is a widely read classic in Japanese schools and most of Japanese know about this story. The most prominent theme of “Run, Melos!” is unwavering friendship and trust. Despite facing hardships, the protagonist Melos does his best to save his friend’s life, and in the end his efforts are rewarded.

Participants exchanged opinions according to the following four questions based on “Run, Melos!”.
・ Should we not lie?
・ Are family and friends the most important in life?
・ How much do you trust your close friends?
・ Who do you most sympathize with among the characters in “Run, Melos!”?

In particular, many Japanese and international students gave their opinions on the question, “Can I lie?” For example, many members insisted that they shouldn’t lie about money or lie against the law, but there was also an opinion that there were often occasions when they lied for the sake of the other party. A possible situation like this is when someone is hurt by telling the truth, such as when a disease name such as cancer is declared.

Although it is a common understanding that “you must not lie”, we have come to the conclusion that in the above situations, you may lie because you are considerate of the other person.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Yamamura explained the background behind Mr. Dazai’s writing of this work, and deepened his understanding of Japan’s representative literary works and what to learn from them.