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第8回ビジネス研究会「障碍と社会を芸術で結ぶ」The 8th Business Study Group “Connecting Disabilities and Society with Art”




“The ability of children with disabilities is wonderful. At
this 8th Business Study Group, we invited Mariko Kojima, the chairman of NPO Hibiki Ai Gakuen, as a lecturer. Then, we asked for a lecture on the theme of “connecting disabilities and society with art.”

The Fundamental Law for Persons with Disabilities was enacted in 1970 and amended in 2004. The basic measures of this law cover medical and care services, pensions, education, employment, housing, accessible public facilities and accessible communication. The law also prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities.

President Kojima said, “Music and art are ways to send a message to society, even if you can’t speak well or can’t hear. People with disabilities usually have a life that shines with music and art. I received a passionate comment saying, “I want to create a world and I can do it.”

International students asked institutional questions such as “How do people with disabilities learn at school in Japan?”, “Public (financial) support”, and “I realized again the possibility of people with disabilities. Let’s stop thinking that they are weak persons.” In response to the question, “Which country is the most advanced for people with disabilities?”, President Kojima said, “Sweden is the most developed country in the world but Japan is still far behind. At the time of the London Olympics, an orchestra “Para Orchestra” made only by people with disability.