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第28回ミーティング報告書 2016年11月24日 (28th Meeting Report November 24, 2016)






At this time, Director Naofumi Suzuki delivered a lecture on the theme about cultural differences. His lecture was about things that are interesting in respecting culture. Everyone agreed that Japanese products are very attractive and have high quality. Although in fact, the quality of Japanese products 30 years ago was much better than it is today. For example, when he bought a recorder, the recorder was broken in the next day. Many products are made in Japan but in fact they are produced in other countries.

Many people think that Japanese companies are very good in management even though there is a hierarchical system and seniority which is difficult to omit, the impact is that the subordinates find it difficult to give opinion or objection.

Besides, punctuality is highly valued in Japan. Punctuality shows seriousness and trustworthiness. We know that there are many countries that pay less attention to timing, especially ASEAN countries, but as long as the culture is good, it doesn’t hurt to be applied wherever it is. Punctuality is also related to productivity, if the product is not made at the right time or is late, then the amount of the product will be reduced and of course will affect to the employee’ salaries.

Nevertheless, cultural differences must still be considered if Japanese companies want to develop themselves into other countries. Even though everyone likes Japanese products, Japan still has to pay attention to the other country’s culture.