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第40回定例ミーティング「ASEAN-NAGOYA CLUBとASEAN諸国」The 40th Regular Meeting “ASEAN-NAGOYA CLUB and ASEAN Countries”

今回のテーマは「ASEAN-NAGOYA CLUBとASEAN諸国」。当CLUB理事・事務局長の松久久也より、「私たちが何を目指しているのか」をテーマにプレゼンテーションを行いました。




This time, theme was about “ASEAN-NAGOYA CLUB and ASEAN countries”. Mr. Hisaya Matsuhisa, Executive Director and Secretary-General of ANC, gave a presentation about “What are we aiming for?”.

Our philosophy is “Introduction to mutual understanding”.

There is a phenomenon that many Japanese who have been assigned overseas do not blend in with the local people and their working culture. The idea that “Japanese products and services are wonderful, so they can be sold easily without understanding the local” is limited in recent years when Japan’s competitiveness is declining as globalization progresses.

From last year to this year, we conducted a survey in both Indonesia and Japan. As a result, a big difference was found, with 62% for the view of labor, 83% for the view of life, and 82% for the view of work. We have to understand that we can’t force our way of life and thinking to others because it will cause trouble for the business itself and even for the relation between the two countries.

The important thing is highly respect to the culture of the partner country and to learn the differences, what we need in the field, and what kind of way of thinking they have, and also giving appropriate response.

We totally support the international students at Nagoya University because they will be responsible for the future of their country when they return to their home countries. On the other hand, in Japan, where the population is declining, there will be no place for the enhancement of capital and technology. I am convinced that by sharing and integrating this resource with the excellent international students of ASEAN, we will build mutual development between ASEAN and Japan.


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