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第22回ビジネス研究会「安心な水のために、暮らしと浄化槽」The 22nd Business Study Group “For Safe Water, Living and Septic Tank”



また、野崎社長は昨年10月にASEAN-NAGOYA CLUBの視察団としてインドネシア・ジャカルタで開催されたビジネスマッチングにご参加。その中で「どのように目の前の川をきれいにしていくか」というホテル経営者との対話が印象に残っていると仰っていました。


We invited Mr. Sayuri Nozaki, CEO of Nozaki Co., Ltd., which runs a septic tank cleaning business, as a lecturer of the business study group this time. , and talked about “living and septic tanks for safe water”.

From 7.5 million people in Aichi Prefecture, about 10%, 775,000 people, use septic tanks.As a mechanism of septic tanks in Japan, there are three steps: removing large dust, decomposing dirt by the action of microorganisms, precipitating suspended matter, disinfecting clean supernatant water, and returning it to nature.

In this process, the septic tank that removes dirt from the wastewater becomes sludge, and the company cleans it regularly.
There was a time when the water in the river was much dirty than it is now, but now it has become very clean because of the septic tank and sewerage system.

In addition, President Nozaki participated in the business matching held in Jakarta, Indonesia in October last year as an inspection team of ASEAN-NAGOYA CLUB. She said that the dialogue with the hotel owner, “How to clean the river in front of you,” left an impression on her.

An international student commented, “I think that the pollution of river water cannot be done by individual efforts alone, but the cooperation of local individuals, companies, and the power of the government to support it.”


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