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第17回ビジネス研究会「建築と記者 名古屋とアジア」 The 17th Business Study Group “Architecture and Reporters Nagoya and Asia”

今回のテーマは「建築と貴社 名古屋とアジア」。講師として中日新聞社取締役・新中日ビル準備室長の団野誠様にお越しいただきました。


The theme this time is “Architecture and your company Nagoya and Asia”. Mr. Makoto Danno, Director of Chunichi Shimbun and General Manager of New China-Japan Building Preparation Office, visited us as a lecturer.

He completed his master degree on architectural history and design theory at Nagoya University. When he was a student, he traveled to the former Soviet Union, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

He also talked about the redevelopment of Sakae related to the current business. He said that “Architecture is a story and shape, journalism is a story and a fact”. Architecture and journalism together have the power to build culture and impress people.” He said that he will continue to do his best in both journalism and architecture for the development of the Sakae district.

The participating international students commented, “Japan has complex buildings that contribute to the attractiveness of the region. The design and management methods are very interesting.”

Finally, the secretariat introduced two new Cambodian students, one Thai student, one Vietnamese student, and one Philippine student who has graduated from master program and will participate again as a doctoral student.