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第16回ビジネス研究会「新環境産業の今」The 16th Business Study Group “New Environmental Industry At This Moment”






At this time, we asked Mr. Rinji Hori, President’s Office Manager of Marco Shokai Co., Ltd. to give a lecture on the theme of “New Environmental Industry Now”. Marco Shokai Co., Ltd is one of Japan’s leading environment-related construction companies.

As a result of economic development and population growth, the contemporary world is faced with a global increase not only in the amount of waste, but also in the diversity of its quality. Improperly managed waste deteriorates the living environment as well as public health, sometimes causing serious health problems. Sustainable development requires properly dealing with waste issues.

The environmental industry has been rising as a result of waste and pollution problem, as the increasing of high economic growth, mass production, and mass consumption during the postwar period.

That is why recycling is so important because it prevents pollution, reduces the need to harvest new raw materials, saves energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, saves money, reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and allows products to be used to their fullest extent.

The company now is 100% recycling of construction waste. He explained the weight, items, density, and manual sorting method. Mr. Hori presented a sample of construction waste after it was actually classified, and taught us about the recycling process that replaces soil conditioners and fuels.

An international student said, “In our country, we put all burnable and non-burnable garbage together in the trash can. I learned that if we separate it, it becomes a resource.” “It is still difficult to make capital investment in our country. I would like to do something like Japan in the future, “he said, and he sympathized with Mr. Hori’s thoughts toward this issue to safe the country.

After the lecture, Mr. Quynh, who studied at the Graduate School of Economics, will return to her home country, Vietnam at the end of September, so she gave a brief of farewell speech.

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