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定例ミーテイング「日本における就職活動」Regular Meeting “Job hunting in Japan”


  • 代表理事 小里孝
  • 理事 山村哲朗
  • Bangkit Aditya Wiryawan (インドネシア)
  • Ean Chhorida (カンボジア)
  • Pham Linh Phuong(ベトナム)
  • Huslen Jantsanhorloo(モンゴル)
  • Lilly Ren (中国)
  • Lim Lyhong (カンボジア)





Participants are as follows.
• Representative Director Takashi Kosato
• Director Tetsuro Yamamura
• Bangkit Aditya Wiryawan (Indonesia)
• Ean Chhorida (Cambodia)
• Pham Linh Phuong (Vietnam)
• Huslen Jantsanhorloo (Mongolia)
• Lilly Ren (China)
• Lim Lyhong (Cambodia)

First, we discussed the characteristics of “job hunting in Japan”.

First, job hunting in Japan includes writing exam and interview exam. Therefore, there was an opinion that it might be difficult for foreigners. However, even if you do not get a high score in the writing test, if you answer positively in the interview and if you can convince the interviewer about your strong aspirations and self-promotion, you are likely to be hired.

Second, many Japanese companies require foreigners to have Japanese proficiency. In order to get a job in Japan, a certain level of Japanese proficiency is required, so it is difficult for foreigners who cannot speak Japanese to do job hunting.

The next one is about the hiring standards of companies in Japan. First, the internship experience has some advantages. Second, communication skills such as relationships and teamwork are also required. Individual abilities of aspirants are, of course, criteria for hiring, but relationships and teamwork are also important factors. The third is what I especially want to do and what I expect from the company. This point is often asked during interviews, but if you can answer it specifically, it will be a plus.

Finally, we talked about job hunting during the COVID-19 pandemic. An increasing number of companies are introducing web interviews to reduce the chances of direct contact due to the effects of the COVID-19 infection. Therefore, there are advantages such as time saving for the job seekers.

This meeting was very helpful for foreign student participants who would like to work in Japan in the future.