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第4回ミーティング報告書 2014年11月26日 The 4th Meeting Report (November 26, 2014)

第四回目は日本側から留学生に向けてレクチャーをいたしました。レクチャーの相互交流です。今回は、十六総合研究所 主席研究員 奥田真之氏に銀行の位置づけと役割についてお話いただきました。

The 4th lecture was presented by Mr. Masayuki Okuda, Senior Researcher, Juroku Research Institute. He explained about the position and role of banks.

・ Bank operations and functions (fund brokerage function, credit creation function, fund settlement function)
・ Types of financial institutions
・ Financial easing at Abenomics era

After the lecture, there was a question and answer session. Japanese banks seem to be very difficult to access to foreigners including international students. Although they offer services in English, there is a chance that there is no English speaking staff at the nearest branch. The number of English proficient staff is still quite low, and therefore even some of the biggest bank agencies may not be able to provide English support; for example English notation, money transfer, or even credit card application and procedures. All the application documents are only handles in Japanese.

International students expected more English support for all the banking activities. Mr. Ozato shared a very valuable experience for international students to get explanations about the Japanese financial industry and Japanese monetary policy from businessmen who are active on the front lines of Japanese companies.

International students are expected to be able to acquire a wide range of knowledge about Japan during their valuable stay, not only focus on their study and research.

After the lecture, we had a chance to have a dinner party at “Tsurifune Chaya Zauo” with a director of Premium Frontier Kitada Co., Ltd., who participated in the previous session. International students seemed to be very impressed by the Japanese-style of cooking the fish. On the spot fishing was so satisfying. It was one of the unforgettable experience for international students.

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Mr.Pak Chanlino,  Mr.Ngov Houtchhay、Mr. Var Vichea、Mr.INDRA KESUMA NASUTION、Mr.MARDIANSYAH MARDIS、Ms. May Thiri、島津さん(名古屋大学コーディネーター)