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第31回定例ミーティング (The 31st Meeting)








At this time, Indonesian students Indra and Mardis made a report of preparation on a visit of Mr. Rizal, Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs of Indonesia to Japan on February 8. Both of them are involved in the preparation of the meeting between Mr. Rizal and the Governor of Aichi Prefecture and the Mayor of Nagoya since December, and have made a great contribution to the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between Aichi Prefecture and the Indonesian government in particular to revitalize economic cooperation. On the other hand, the negotiations with the Japanese government office had some difficulties due to cultural differences, so we would like to report based on that experience.

In the report, four questions were discussed as follows:
・ Result is important for work, but process is also important.
・ In price negotiations, it is important to compromise between yourself and the other party.
・ I don’t think people who don’t keep time at work can trust
・ A work should be carried out in person with the parties concerned

In particular, the two instructors felt a cultural difference regarding the question, result is important for work, but process is also important. Many Japanese members commented that the process was also important, but during negotiations with the government office, they were asked to keep in touch frequently for trivial matters, and their work was delayed. The instructors felt that the situation was not progressing, so they insisted that the result should be emphasized. The two also negotiated with the Indonesian side, but pointed out that the Japanese side’s response was too obsessed with procedures and customs, and lacked an attitude of understanding the other party and standing in the other party’s position. It was a meeting that clarified the issues to be overcome as Japan deepened its relations with ASEAN countries.

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