At the beginning, people want to join (graduated from Nagoya University)
Juroku Research Institute, President, Mr.Takashi Kori
Ex-Matsuzakaya Department Store, Director, Mr.Yakao Nishi
Ex-Toyota Boshoku Russia, President, Mr.Naofumi Suzuki
Ex-Taiwan Toyota Motor, Vice President, Mr.Teruo Oguro
President One, President, Mr.Hisaya Matsuhisa

Characteristics of this project
1)To support ASEAN students in Japan by the business experts graduate from Nagoya university.
2)To provide extensive knowledge for the business experts experienced corporate management for a long time to ASEAN students in Japan.
3)To understand each other by introducing his own country's culture etc. and by introducing Japanese culture & Japanese way of life.
4)To give advice on the research subject of ASEAN students.
5)To deepen the individual relationship as well as organized relationship, and to support ASEAN students of their study and private life in Japan.


President of PRESIDENT ONE Co.,Ltd.
Sakae Oakridge 9F,4-14-31,Sakae,Naka-ku,Nagoya,Aichi 460-0008 Japan