I'd like to express my own understanding about Japanese spirit for ASEAN students from section 1 to section 3 as below. As I express only section 1 in this article, please give me your impression or opinion.

Section 1: Good & bad points of general Japanese people's character & activity
Section 2: The background & reason why these characteristics were born
Section 3: What Japanese people should have to do "Kaizen"(like improve) in the future

I think Japanese spirit is 和(we pronounce WA) in one word,. WA means no opposition, cooperation, harmony. This spirit means GROUP is more important than INDIVIDUAL, that is GROUP's order,harmony,manner.

As I wrote as below, Japanese typical spirits are 8 good & 8 bad points.

 Good point Example
1.Group activity :like group tour
:Select same menu as another people in the restaurant
2.Order & manner :bow to superiors or strangers who meet always
:when take the train、check-in the hotel, always patiently lined
3.Cleanliness :vacuum every day whether at home or company
:bath everyday and always wash hair and clothes
4.Polite & kind job :manufacturing with high quality
:service spirit to say thank you even if we receive 100yen
5.Punctuality & promise :express train(shinkansen) depart or arrive always punctually
:keep his promise in business or with his friend
6.Creativity & research :give importance on tradition, on the other make new value
:study, research on work-place by himself
7.Continuous Kaizen :kaizen(improvement) and improve varieties of farm products
:extremely many kinds of car and meal etc.
8.Original culture of each region :be proud of region history
:make traditional arts & crafts,festival,meal of region original
 Bad point Example
1.Domestic oriented :do business,make trip from a view point of domestic
:not be interested in foreign events, don’t know how to contact with foreigners
2.Weak his own opinion :don’t say frankly his own opinion(Tatemae & Honne)
:sympathize with other people on weak his own opinion
3.Weak risk senses :weak preparation for earthquake,disaster,war
:peace is a matter of course
4.No original sense :like brand goods made in Europe & USA
:not unify the town making
5.Weak hungry spirit :getting weak spirit to contribute to country & company
:not be ambitious in company & school
6.Be poor for communication :individualism only myself is good
:be poor for speaking with people by IT development
7.Weak economical consciousness :the quantity & kinds of Goods is too much. A lot of waste
:the throwaway principle
8.Too much work and not enjoy his life :leave for his new post without his family
:little people speaking culture,only business

Of cource, these I wrote above are not based on statistics & analysis by the professor & researcher. Completely my present thinking.
In addition to that, these are general Japanese, another Japanese are many.

How do ASEAN students think Japanese people ?
What I want to ask you is not to misunderstand in the limited time & place in Japan.
Please recognize many Japanese people has many good points.
And, I hope your student life in Japan will be excellent memory for you entire life,you don't forget.
In next section 2, I'd like to write the background & reason why these characteristics were born.



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