From now on, Asean countries will develop dramatically ,become the center of the world.Asean students in Japan will be leaders of each country. They came to Japan with their own dream, and study & research in limited time. But, the common language is English in Nagoya university, they has no chance to study. Therefore, almost students do not speak Japanese. It is fact that they stay only in the apartment and university.

Asean students are essensial people who act as a mediator for Asean countries and Japan. We hope they will be Japan experts who understand the actual fact of Japan including good & bad points.

In the future, the true partnership between Asean and Japan will be expected as the relationship will develop. ASEAN-NAGOYA CLUB would like to support Asean students as much as possible to make human-relationship based on deep mutual understanding. Experience and knowledge of Japanese epople has worked for a long time will be useful.

The purpose of ASEAN-NAGOYA CLUB is mutual understanding.
We will do activities based on deep human-relationship by confidence.


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